Qv Extra’s Brands

More than 100 brands avail us

QvExtra! International has just over 100 exclusive brands of extra virgin olive oil that meet the highest quality standards. We have already seen that QvExtra! only grants the international quality seal to the extra virgin olive oil of the associates that complies with the strict quality parameters agreed by the association.


The EVOOs can be monovarietal, extracted from a single variety of olive. Or coupage, made from different varieties. Depending on the different varieties that make up an EVOO, it can be: more or less fruity, aromatic, with personality, differentiated, sweet or bitter and with different levels of spiciness in the aftertaste.



In Spain, more than two hundred varieties of olives are grown, which give rise to a wide range of EVOOs. SIQEV oils are high-end oils, rich, fruity, powerful, full of nuances, flavors, and contrasts. And they have one thing in common; they have been controlled from the flower to the bottle, focusing on quality as a fundamental criterion of work. Allowing to produce an extra virgin olive oil, that is intensely extra virgin, that when the consumer opens the bottle, he/she can’t help being surprised by its fruity aroma and says: What an extra virgin! (QvExtra!)