About us

QvExtra! We are an international and diverse association united by love and respect for EVOO. We offer high-quality extra virgin olive oils that we produce in our own farms or cooperatives guaranteeing total traceability from the tree to the bottle. We pamper the olive grove and the process to share excellence.


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The Association

QvExtra! was born in early 2013 as a result of the work of 15 Spanish producers, convinced of the need to promote the extra virgin olive oil nationally and internationally.


In 2017 we signed an agreement with CEQ Italia, an organization that pursues the same objectives of valuing extra virgin olive oil. This was a milestone in the history of our sector; that two seemingly competitive countries unite for a cause because it’s worth it.

Members of Honor

Non-profit people or companies that throughout their professional careers have decisively influenced the promotion of extra virgin olive oil.

QvExtra! Has named AEMO, Francisco Casero, Brigida Jimenez, Announces Carpio, Dr. Pérez Jimenez, Juan Peñamil, Firo Vazquez, Maria Gomez Del Campo, Juan Ramon Izquierdo and Dr. Ramón Estruch honorary members of QvExtra !, for their prolonged work in the cultural dissemination, promotion and defense of our olive heritage.