What is QvExtra! International?

At Qv Extra! International we strive that from the moment a customer opens one of our bottles, that he/she enjoys the aroma, and taste of an olive juice of high-quality, with a distinctive personality.

That is why we work with the SIQEV, an international seal of quality, designed to guarantee that the oil that exhibits it, is an extra virgin of the highest standard, since only the EVOOs that meet a series of requirements, highly committed to excellence, can be the carriers of the seal.

An extra virgin can be good or it can be excellent, we will happily explain the difference.

Excellence Guarantee

The Association guarantees the correct use of the SIQEV through random inspections at origin and point of sale. To offer the best possible guarantees, these inspections are
carried out by a subcontracted third-party company who specialise in sample taking and the management thereof.

At least one sample is taken per year per brand, and the analyses (the parameters for which are outlined below) are carried out in laboratories which comply with the ISO 17025 regulation.

The extra Virgin Oils

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is, by definition, perfect olive juice. Our farmers harvest the olives quite early on and use very careful methods, in order to offer the best of what nature can give.

1. SIQEV-certified Extra Virgin Olive Oils are so good that when the consumer opens a bottle of it, they are truly impressed by the quality.

2. Look for the SIQEV seal on your Extra Virgin Olive Oils, because you deserve it.

3. SIQEV-certified Extra Virgin Olive Oils are a delicious way to take care of yourself.

Why consume SIQEV EVOOs?


Many nutritionists and health experts across the world recommend the consumption of
SIQEV Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It is the basic component of the Mediterranean Diet –
considered a balanced, healthy and life-prolonging diet, which is why so many people
follow it. QvExtra! guarantees that with oils that bear the SIQEV seal are not only excellent
in terms of its aroma and flavours, but also contain an array of nutritional benefits that the
experts indicate. Make your diet healthier by replacing the rest of the oils and fats in your
kitchen with a good SIQEV Extra Virgin Olive Oil.