How to pair the SIQEV EVOOs?

Extra virgin olive oils open a wide range of pairing possibilities, due to their huge diversity of aromas and flavors.

We could group EVOOs into 3 main categories based on their sensorial characteristics: mild, intermediate and intense oils.

Mild EVOOs: they are perfect for delicate flavor dishes

These oils are fundamentally sweet in the mouth, with a very slight sensation of bitterness and itching. These delicate qualities work very well with soft-tasting foods such as white fish, fresh cheeses or light-tasting vegetables like zucchini, peas or beets. They are ideal for making mayonnaise and also for pastry preparations. The varieties Arbequina, and Empeltre in most cases are good examples of mild oils.

Intermediate EVOOs: they are the most versatile

Intermediate oils vary greatly in terms of sensorial qualities, usually, their aroma reminds of green and / or ripe fruit, in the mouth, they are sweet at first and they have slightly higher levels of bitterness and itching than mild oils. These EVOOs pair with foods of defined flavor but that is not extreme, such as mushrooms, artichoke, tomato sauces and meats such as veal or chicken.

Intense EVOOs: they are probably the healthiest

Intense oils would be the opposite end to the soft ones, they have a lot of body and character. Their aroma and flavor are generally intense, with nuances that evoke green fruits, grass, olive leaf, tomato, and other vegetables. They have higher levels of bitterness and itching than the other two categories, although sometimes you can perceive a very slight sweetness in some cases. They match very well with foods of intense flavor, such as cured cheeses, grilled red meats, or preparations that include garlic, peppers, or onion. Their sensorial characteristics are derived from their high content of polyphenols and other natural antioxidants that make them especially healthy.

They are easily differentiable through their tasting

To do this we must pour the EVOO into a glass of wine or similar. To perceive the aroma we will warm it with our hands, and then make two or three deep inspirations. Later we will sip a small amount, perceiving the sweetness in the anterior part of the tongue and then the bitterness in the posterior part, with a final itch in the throat at the end. With some practice, we can identify each type of oil.

5 Benefits of SIQEV Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is essential for the Mediterranean diet. It brings nuances that add complexity to each gastronomic preparation, enhancing the flavors. But this is not its only benefit, within it, there are multiple features that improve health, we share some of them:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil stands out in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases

EVOO is able to improve blood circulation and blood pressure, due to its high content of oleic acid, which reduces “bad” cholesterol levels while increasing “good” cholesterol levels at the same time.

It is effective in preventing certain types of cancer

EVOO prevents cancer, especially breast, endometrial, ovarian and colon types. It is not yet clear whether this effect is due to its monounsaturated fatty acids, or its antioxidant properties. But the truth is that this has been corroborated by various studies.

Helps in reducing glucose levels in the body

The high content of mono-saturated fats present in EVOOs helps in the reduction of glucose in the organism, this is because the body is able to use glucose more efficiently. This effect has been proven even in people who already have diabetes, reducing their levels by up to 12% after incorporating olive oil into their diet.

It is an ally in the health improvement of our bones

Extra virgin olive oil helps in the formation and mineralization of the bones since it contains vitamin D. It facilitates the absorption of calcium in the body, resulting in the strengthening of these, helping to prevent diseases such as osteoporosis.

Aging slows considerably by consuming extra virgin olive oil

The human body is in a constant oxidative process, which is regulated by the action of antioxidants. EVOO contains large amounts of phenolic components and mono-saturated fatty acids, which provide very effective antioxidant qualities, these help the body fight the effects of oxidation.

Keep your brain in optimal condition by taking EVOO

EVOO reduces the formation of platelets-amyloid and neurofibrillary tangles. This results in the prevention of diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and also the reduction of memory loss.

It’s the best friend of our skin

High levels of vitamin E help delay the skin’s aging process while improving its flexibility. It also offers humidification and UV protection.

Incorporating EVOO into our diet is a decision that only brings benefits, and our association is responsible for ensuring that the oils you acquire have the best properties, both in the organoleptic and healthy characteristics.

The mediterranean diet and the precious Extra Virgin Olive Oil

When we talk about the Mediterranean diet it is impossible not to talk about olive oil and vice versa.

Extra virgin olive oil is one of its essential components, and although it has only been a few decades since its valuable contribution to health has been scientifically recognized, olive cultivation and oil extraction have been made for more than 6,000 years. Ancient civilizations such as the Egyptian, Greek, and Roman, used it not only for its culinary qualities but also for its medicinal properties, which they knew empirically.

When we talk about the Mediterranean diet it’s impossible not to talk about olive oil and vice versa.

Currently, in Spain, there are more than 260 native cultivated olive varieties, and it remains, as in ancient times, the world’s leading producer of olive oil.

The Mediterranean diet in 2010 received, from Unesco (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), recognition as intangible cultural heritage of humanity. A recognition that extends to all the benefits of EVOO, which continue to confirm numerous investigations around the world. Many of the benefits of the Mediterranean diet are directly related to the consumption of polyphenols and other natural antioxidants, mainly found in virgin olive oil and also in red wine.

Did you know that olive oil is good in preventing the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, breast cancer, and gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal and coronary heart diseases?

And in addition to all this, it has other health properties:

Relieves earache

Reduces Snoring

Conditions the hair

And it can relieve depressive states

Although EVOO can be used for cooking, it is advisable to take it raw, that way retains all of its properties.

As for the Mediterranean diet, we must say that it’s a lifestyle since its best effects are achieved when combined with moderate physical activity and other practices that avoid emotional stress. This nutritional model owes its name to Professor Ancel Keys, who conducted the first epidemiological study on dietary fats and cardiovascular disease, known as the study of 7 countries, during the 50s of the last century.

Another characteristic of the Mediterranean diet is that it is possible to eat almost any type of food, always respecting the amounts and the periodicity in its consumption established in the food pyramid.