The Oil’s Seal of Quality

The SIQEV seal guarantees to the final consumer the highest level of quality in extra virgin olive oil bottles that carry it. It is a brave promise to the consumer so that when he opens the bottle, the aroma transports him to the fields, enjoying the excellence of an extraordinary EVOO. The SIQEV also guarantees that these EVOOs full of genuine aromas and flavors are also an endless source of health.

The Association guarantees the correct use of the SIQEV, through random controls at origin and point of sale. These controls, in order to offer the highest quality guarantee, are carried out by outsourcing a third party, specialized in sampling and managing them.

At least one sample is taken per year per brand and the analyzes, whose parameters we will see soon, are carried out in laboratories that comply with the ISO 17025 standard.


More and more chefs and restaurants appreciate the product and know, how to offer it to the customer.


QvExtra! has professionals of international prestige, who generously share their knowledge with the producers and partners.

Scientific community

Doctors or scientific staff who research and report on the nutritional benefits of the extra virgin olive oil.