The Oil’s Seal of Quality

The SIQEV seal assures the final consumer that an oil that bears this seal is a very high-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It is a bold promise to the consumer, so that when they open a bottle, the fresh aroma instantly reminds them of the field, adding to the enjoyable experience and flavour of the oil. The SIQEV seal also ensures that these EVOOs, which are full of genuine aromas and flavours, are also an endless source of health.

The Association guarantees the correct use of the SIQEV, through random inspections at origin and at point of sale. To offer the best possible guarantees, these inspections are carried out by a subcontracted third-party company who specialise in sample taking and the management thereof.

At least one sample is taken per year per brand, and the analyses (the parameters for which are outlined below) are carried out in laboratories which comply with the ISO 17025 regulation.


Progressively more chefs and restaurants appreciate the product and know how to offer it to the customer.


QvExtra! is supported by professional of international prestige, who generously share their knowledge with producers and other members.

Scientific community

Composed of doctors and scientists who research and report on the nutritional benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.