SIQEV oils are EVOO’s (extra virgin olive oils) of the highest quality, which are distinguished from others by the unique aroma and flavor of each variety (evoking fruits, vegetables, herbs, …); as well as for its high content in nutritional elements, such as antioxidants.

Of the thousands of olive varieties that exist, some of the most representative are: arbequina, cornicabra, empeltre, hojiblanca, picual, blanqueta and cacereña (in Spain); Chetoui, Sayali and Jarboui in Tunisia; Moraiolo, Nocellara del Belize, Ogliarola Barese, Biancolilla, Leccino, Frantoio, Taggiasca, Cucco, Coratina, Rosciola, Pendolino and Carolea (in Italy). All of them, with their own characteristics, that the SIQEV brings to your table, guaranteeing maximum strength and personality.

For this, our farmers enter the field at the time when olives start changing color and thus be able to grind the fruit at its optimum ripening moment; Fresh fruit full of aromas and flavors as well as a multitude of nutritional benefits. Note that all our partners are producers from the beginning, so, in a few minutes after harvest, they start with a pampered milling, ensuring that the temperature does not exceed 24ºC, preventing volatile losses.

After grinding, the extra virgins are decanted and filtered to be kept in a cellar in inert deposits at a controlled temperature. Subsequently, they are packaged in dark glass bottles or tins which are the containers that best prevent the deterioration of the extra virgin. This is why the SIQEV extra virgins are a guarantee for the demanding consumer who seeks to taste in the product all the fragrances present at the time of grinding. In addition, this is how the oil is guaranteed to have excellent nutritional qualities.