Extra Virgin Olive Oil is essential for the Mediterranean diet. It brings nuances that add complexity to each gastronomic preparation, enhancing the flavors. But this is not its only benefit, within it, there are multiple features that improve health, we share some of them:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil stands out in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases

EVOO is able to improve blood circulation and blood pressure, due to its high content of oleic acid, which reduces “bad” cholesterol levels while increasing “good” cholesterol levels at the same time.

It is effective in preventing certain types of cancer

EVOO prevents cancer, especially breast, endometrial, ovarian and colon types. It is not yet clear whether this effect is due to its monounsaturated fatty acids, or its antioxidant properties. But the truth is that this has been corroborated by various studies.

Helps in reducing glucose levels in the body

The high content of mono-saturated fats present in EVOOs helps in the reduction of glucose in the organism, this is because the body is able to use glucose more efficiently. This effect has been proven even in people who already have diabetes, reducing their levels by up to 12% after incorporating olive oil into their diet.

It is an ally in the health improvement of our bones

Extra virgin olive oil helps in the formation and mineralization of the bones since it contains vitamin D. It facilitates the absorption of calcium in the body, resulting in the strengthening of these, helping to prevent diseases such as osteoporosis.

Aging slows considerably by consuming extra virgin olive oil

The human body is in a constant oxidative process, which is regulated by the action of antioxidants. EVOO contains large amounts of phenolic components and mono-saturated fatty acids, which provide very effective antioxidant qualities, these help the body fight the effects of oxidation.

Keep your brain in optimal condition by taking EVOO

EVOO reduces the formation of platelets-amyloid and neurofibrillary tangles. This results in the prevention of diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and also the reduction of memory loss.

It’s the best friend of our skin

High levels of vitamin E help delay the skin’s aging process while improving its flexibility. It also offers humidification and UV protection.

Incorporating EVOO into our diet is a decision that only brings benefits, and our association is responsible for ensuring that the oils you acquire have the best properties, both in the organoleptic and healthy characteristics.